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Is your liver crying out for help? Here are the 10 signs of toxic overload:
1. Discomfort or bloating after eating
2. Craving sweet, starchy or salty foods
3. Struggled with attempts at losing weight
4. Often feeling tired and easily develop dark under-eye circles
5. Difficulty concentrating or staying focused
6. Moods fluctuate, and often feel irritable
7. Prone to itchy skin or other allergy symptoms
8. Seem to catch every bug that comes around
9. Experience unexplained headaches or other pains
10.Have trouble falling or staying asleep


 6 Benefits of Liver Cleansing  

1. Weight Loss

2. Immune System Support

3. Discourages Liver Stones

4. Supports Whole Body Detox

5. Boosts Energy

6. Increases Vitality



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The information contained above is for general consumer understanding and education, and should not be considered or used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This product is not an alternative to any prescription drug. If you are currently taking a prescription drug, consult your doctor before making any changes.


Your liver is responsible for processing toxins in the body, so you’ll want to keep it working at its best.

Today's high speed lifestyle is very taxing on the liver. Your liver's job is to analyze and “attempt" to excrete, or turn to fuel, all substances you come in contact with. It is supposed to routinely perform thousands of "vital life functions" around the clock. Give it some balance, and it will reward you a hundred fold.

Liver Balance Plus“ is an original Chinese formula that has a combination of digestible ingredients and herbal blends, which individually contribute towards healthy digestive cleansing as part of a good nutritional routine and pure fluid intake.

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