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"Licensed to Operate by the State of California Bureau forPrivate Postsecondary Education."

Hollywood Cultural College

Address:        3450 Wilshire Blvd.   Suite 700

                        Los Angeles, CA 90010

Telephone:   (213) 739-9946

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Radio Broadcasting:

The curriculum involves 900 hours of training. The course includes extensive instruction and practical experience in,techniques and procedures for different levels of broadcasting positions in radio. Students will be able to get an overview of radio disc jockeys, as well as specialize in this particular discipline. This course trains individuals for entry level positions as a radio broadcaster, traffic reporter, news broadcaster, master of ceremonies, radio reporting, equipment operations and other job titles. Personal motivation and development, business ethics, as well as personal appearance, hygiene, and job interviewing.







Radio Digital Production: 


The curriculum involves 900 hours of training. Students with no prior computer experience will learn how to open, navigate to the Digital Production program, and how to exit the program at the end of each session.  Students will learn to be proficient in the “digital production” program. Students will also learn how to equalize any microphone signal going into the computer, equalize any recordings, digital records, edit commercials, ID’s, PSA’s, presentations and include proper sound effects to fit any project and execute a professional final product.























All programs are taught in Spanish 
Programs currently offered at Hollywood Cultural College:

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