"Up & Down"

      Have you ever stopped to think how filthy the toilet seat is?
Let me introduce you to Rudy Interiano's newest idea, the "Up & Down"

      The concept to the "Up & Down" is to prevent you from touching the nasty toilet. Lets face it; How many little kids miss when trying to aim in the toilet? How many people do not use cover sheets? It may look mighty clean, but is it really? How about we be realistic, that toilet seat is filled with bacteria that you touch and then spread.

       Mr. Interiano's Brilliant idea, prevents you from having to touch the toilet. The "Up & Down" is located on the side of the toilet seat. It is basically a handle (that comes in many different colors) that permits you to move the toilet seat *up and down* pretty easy right?
       It is simple, efficient and clean. Think about you lifting the toilet seat, it looks clean but the person before defiantly was not; but you probably would not know that, now your eye itches, or you cough or sneeze all things that we react with touching our face. you just transferred some pretty disgusting and harmful bacteria to a delicate place, your face. But with the "Up & Down" you just solved your problem.

       We all want a clean, safe and healthy environment; Let the "Up & Down" help.